Former UFC Champion’s Battle with Dark Thoughts Exposed

"A Champion's Fight Beyond the Cage"

Uncovering a Warrior’s Battle Beyond the Octagon

Former UFC champion Sean Strickland has achieved much in life but confesses to struggling with inner demons. In a candid Instagram video, he opens up about unresolved childhood traumas, revealing a battle with mental illness and harmful thoughts towards others.

The Dangerous Mind of a Fighter

Strickland’s social media video delves into his disturbing thought processes, suggesting he might pose a public danger. He describes a tumultuous week of erratic behavior and dire thoughts, sharing these vulnerabilities with his followers, whom he considers family.

“I’ve been fucked up, dude. Been on Twitter saying crazy shit, just spiraling down. I woke up and told my girl… I said, ‘Babe, I feel like I’m a danger to the public. I don’t feel like I should be out in the world.’ And I truly believe that.”

“I feel more connected to my fans than I think most people do, just because we’ve been through a lot together.”

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Strickland’s Confession: The Ongoing Fight with Mental Health

Sean Strickland admits to still suffering mentally despite having everything he desires. His raw and honest account sheds light on the mental health struggles faced by high-profile athletes, emphasizing the importance of addressing these issues.

A Fighter’s Pledge to Overcome

Despite his struggles, Strickland expresses determination to continue training and fighting his demons. His message of perseverance and hope aims to inspire others dealing with their own battles, reinforcing the idea that success and challenges often coexist.


“I have everything I want, but I’m still struggling with my mental health. My memory is so short that when I start this week thinking to myself, once I’ve gotten past this, I think to myself: ‘Wow, that was a really tough time in my life.’ But then I realize this happens several times a month, every month.”

“I’m fine. I’m going to be okay. I’m going to go and train right now and try to hurt all my friends, and all the demons will disappear.”

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