Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals: Behind the Scenes with Conor McGregor in the ‘Road House’ Adventure!

"A Revelatory Encounter Between Icons"

Hollywood Star on Working with Conor McGregor: A Revelation

Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal sheds light on the unique mindset of MMA’s unequivocal superstar during the remake of the cult classic, Road House. His time with Conor McGregor proved mutually beneficial, with Gyllenhaal gaining insights into fighting and McGregor dipping his toes in the cinematic world.

McGregor’s Debut Film: A Step into Hollywood

Road House marks McGregor’s first significant film role, hinting at more to come. Despite his focus on a highly anticipated return to the octagon, the allure of a film career remains a captivating prospect for “The Notorious.” Gyllenhaal observed McGregor’s eagerness to learn and adapt to his new role.

Gyllenhaal and McGregor: A Mutual Learning Journey

Gyllenhaal, talking to MMA Junkie, revealed the exceptional response the film has received, attributing it to a shared respect for the sport. McGregor’s humility and willingness to learn acting mirrored Gyllenhaal’s approach to understanding MMA, creating a rich learning environment for both.

The Intensity of Facing McGregor

Describing their first on-set encounter, Gyllenhaal recounted the intensity of coming face-to-face with McGregor during a scene, highlighting the visceral experience of McGregor’s presence and the respect it commanded.

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Road House: A Fresh Take on a Classic

Set for release on March 21 on Amazon Prime Video, the new Road House film features McGregor as the antagonist Knox against Gyllenhaal’s Elwood Dalton, a former UFC fighter. A pivotal scene, mimicking a UFC title match gone awry, was filmed during an actual UFC event, adding authenticity to their cinematic portrayal.

“Facing Conor, the first scene we filmed was the headbutt scene and it was the first time he stared me in the eyes and I just thought, ‘Oh, shit’.”


“I came to MMA through (the movie) and I thought we got a fantastic response,” said Jake Gyllenhaal to MMA Junkie. “It was super fun. I think we all had great respect for the sport. The same with Conor when he came to filming. He came and said, ‘I have a white belt. I’m here to learn. I know nothing about acting or making movies and I want to learn.’ That kind of humility I tried to offer as well but in the opposite direction. I don’t know much about the sport. I have great respect for it and wanted to learn.”

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