Firas Zahabi Proposing DASH Cryptocurrency Become A Premier Sponsor Of Tristar

Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi is proposing that DASH Cryptocurrency becomes a premier sponsor of Tristar Gym.

Hot on the heels of Rory MacDonald’s lucrative Dash cryptocurrency sponsorship at Bellator 192 (See HERE), his head coach Firas Zahabi is now proposing to the DASH community that they become a premier sponsor of Tristar Gym.

In summary, Zahabi is proposing the following:

Dash has an opportunity to join Monster Energy, Reebok, and as a premier sponsor of Tristar Gym.

Firas Zahabi (Tristar founder) has become widely known as being the person who has gotten a lot of notable mma fighters into cryptocurrency. He now would like to partner with Dash to bring a cashless Dashpay option to his fighters in Montreal through this unique opportunity which would allow all Tristar Gym fighters to receive a 15% discount if paying with Dash.

He would also like to extend our exposure into the online presence of Tristar through inclusion of Dash in his channels YouTube Videos.

For the sponsorship, Zahabi is asking for the following budget:

100 Dash – 1 year sponsorship
14 Dash – Cashless environment
5.01 Dash – Proposal fee
3 Dash – Escrow fee

122.01 Dash – Total

This will entitle Dash to:

  • Become premier sponsor of Tristar along with Monster and Rebook for 2018
  • Create cashless Dashpay option for all Tristar fighters that would allow them to receive 15% discount if they paid using Dash
  • Dash branding around the Gym for the Athletes
  • Inclusion of Dash branding in videos on the Tristar gym YouTube channel (currently 105k subs videos ranging from 5k to 3.6m views)

Photo showing proposed sponsorship in the gym:

Just as they did with MacDonald’s proposal, the Dash community has been given a deadline to vote whether or not they are in favour of the sponsorship taking place.

As of print, Zahabi has 397 yes votes and 207 no votes, 68 abstained. With 2 days remaining, Zahabi still has to acquire 262 yes votes for the proposal to go ahead.

You can check out the campaign right HERE

Just last weekend, Rory MacDonald won the Bellator welterweight title at Bellator 192 and wore a Dash sponsor logo across both his walkout t-shirt, cap and fight shorts. MacDonald received 879 yes votes for his campaign and he successfully went on to win his first world title by defeating Douglas Lima via unanimous decision.

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