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Luke Rockhold: ‘I’m Willing To Go Deeper And Darker Than Any Of These Motherf***ers’

Luke Rockhold is fired up for his showdown with Yoel Romero At UFC 221.

Luke Rockhold appears to be fired up for his upcoming showdown with Yoel Romero at UFC 221 in Perth, Australian.

Rockhold reached the top of the mountain back at UFC 194 in Dec. 2015, but his reign as champion was short-lived and he lost the title to Michael Bisping less than 7 months later at UFC 199. With an interim title now in his sights, Rockhold says he’s fully focused on getting UFC gold once again and that he’s ready to show the entire middleweight division that there’s no place he won’t go to get his title back.

“It’s always interesting how some fighters carry themselves during fight week,” Rockhold told MMAJunkie Radio. “As it gets closer, day-by-day, you can see hints of doubt in their eyes or how they carry themselves, [conversely] you can tell it’s going to be a f***ing fight.

“I know Yoel believes in himself and he’s almost over confident at times. I don’t think he understands where the dangers are that I pose to him. I know what he is and what he’s capable of, but I’m going to give this guy more than he can handle. I’m going to shut him down and go deeper than he will ever go. Some people look the part, some people act the part, some people talk the part, but to be the part and to go there and to get into those moments, I’ve never been outdone. I’m willing to go deeper and darker than any of these motherf***ers. Yoel can look it and act it, but I’ll bring it out of him and I’ll push him to place that he’s not ready for.”

Facing Romero is a daunting task for any middleweight, but Rockhold appears to be cool, calm and calculated heading into the fight. With Romero firmly in his sights, Rockhold sent out the message that he’s not afraid of anything the Cuban brings to the table and that on fight night, he’s going to outdo him in every department.

“Some people buy into the bulls***,” Rockhold said. “Yoel looks and acts scary, but I do everything better than Yoel. The only thing [is] he’s got some wrestling, but that wrestling is only going to get him in trouble. He’s got some athleticism, he’s athletic, but I’m a technical freak and I’m going to shut him down everywhere.

“People comment on the way I look or the way I act or whatever the fuck they see, but I will go deeper and I will go darker than any of these motherf***ers. Mark my words, I’ve done it and I’ll never be outdone. I’m a fighter and I’ve been there, done that, and I’ll continue to prove it over and over and I’ll ready to go through it again.”

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