Are Fighters Drug Tested In KSW? There Have Seemingly Been Some Changes…

Polish mixed martial arts promotion KSW is said to have made some changes to their drug testing measures.

KSW has allegedly introduced a drug testing program for their champions according to the newcomer, Dricus Du Plessis.

The two-weight EFC champion recently signed for the promotion and will take on KSW welterweight champion Borys Mankowski at KSW 41 on Dec. 23. Speaking to MMANews.Pl, Du Plessis was asked about the drug testing he faced in his previous promotion and what the deal was now with KSW.

“Yes, I confirm 100% that we were tested in the EFC for the presence of doping,” Du Plessis said. “As far as I know, KSW fighters are tested. If they weren’t, there would be a problem. In my contract, however, it is written that the champions will be tested.”

This is an unprecedented claim with no other fighter mentioning the presence of testing within KSW previously. Du Plessis doubled down though and said that all KSW champions will from now on be tested.

“Yes, they told me that the champions will be tested from now on,” Du Plessis said. “At EFC, I was tested for every single fight and it is very good. For example, when athletes use steroids, there is a lot of harm to doing this to someone. It is a very dangerous game.

“I’ve done nothing but sweat and work hard to be where I am now and if anyone does use drugs, they’re a cheater and does not deserve to be in this sport. The only solution, especially for champions if not all fighters, is where we are tested for doping. I think that is very important.”

Interesting indeed.

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