Fighter Knocked Stiff Unconcious By Savage Head Kick KO

Samuel Ilnicki's head kick knockout of Solomon Rogers was absolutely brutal.

The fight between Samuel Ilnicki and Solomon Rogers on Golden Ticket Fight Promotions: Fight Night 7 probably wasn’t a fight you were ever going to go out your way to see, but it produced one of the scariest knockouts of 2107.

The welterweight amateur fight took place last weekend in the Starworks Warehouse in Wolverhampton England and featured two men making their debuts.

The fight finished midway through the first round when Ilnicki, wearing grey shorts, landed a beautiful right headkick as Rogers ducked down to his left. It was perfect timing by the Pole and Rogers’ body instantly went stiff as he fell face first to the mat.

Referee Neil Hall immediately waved the fight off and Ilnicki respectfully bowed and prayed for his opponent as he lay on the mat.

Thankfully, Rogers appears to be fine and seems to have taken his debut defeat very well given the circumstances.

“If you guys find my gum shield let me know,” Rogers wrote on Facebook. “Dan told me they found it in Bilston on Tuesday, but I’ve heard that it’s found it’s way to Brazil,”

“It happened, got to laugh at it, had a brain fart and cost me the fight.”


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