Exclusive: McGann Family Release Video Used In Michael Bisping Court Case That Cost Him Over £300k

Michael Bisping will have to pay Anthony McGann £300k following and here's the video used for evidence.

Michael Bisping hasn’t had a brilliant last few months and it got even worse last week when he learned that he would have to pay Anthony McGann £300k in a legal dispute.

Earlier today, MMANytt.com received the following press release. It includes the video used against Bisping in court which was said to be the vital piece of evidence.

—- Press Release —-

London — Michael Bisping has suffered his third straight knockout defeat, and the most recent is likely to be the most costliest of them all.

The former UFC champion lost on most of the arguments put before the British High Court and now faces fees of up to 1.7 million US dollars to former manager Anthony McGann.

Bisping proclaimed that McGann played no role whatsoever in the biggest deal of his life to date. After his famous spitting incident in Australia 2011, Bisping found himself in trouble and McGann came to the rescue securing a new 8 fight deal at $425k dollars a fight.

Bisping was very grateful when signing this new deal when he returned to the UK. The problem with denying this deal was there was a video and Bisping’s legal team were not aware of it until the trial had began. Nigel Lawrence QC asked the Judge what day will we play the video, shockingly Bisping’s counsel Buttermore asked, “What video?”

McGann fielded a top legal team Tier 1 QC Nigel Lawrence and supported by Barrister Victoria Roberts, and Londons premium sports solicitors Couchmans Llp. The legal team were successful in winning almost all of the 12 issues the Judge Richard Salter QC collated in judgement.

Bisping then decided to emigrate to the US and the problems between the pair began. Once in litigation Bisping decided to confect a story why he shouldn’t pay McGann citing repudiatory breach. Judge Salter’s comment on this is worth quoting. Mr Bisping’s claim about the Wolfslair gym facilities was ‘a confected story put together for the purposes of this litigation” and that Mr Bisping made “unjustified criticisms of the facilities at the Wolfslair gym and of the quality of Mr McGann’s management”. The Judges final words on this reflect Bispings false accusations, “factual and legal, there was therefore in my judgment no repudiatory breach of any kind by Mr McGann”. Unfortunately the press that has been reported to date used these falsifications as there headlines.

McGann met Bisping in 2005. In his early career McGann provided enormous financial assistance even helping Bisping buy his children’s Christmas presents. McGann guided and supported Bisping until 2011. McGann house was used like a hotel during Bisping’s fight camps, and he travelled all round the world ensuring Bisping had everything he needed to perform. McGann has been fighting Bisping since 2012 and is overjoyed by the outcome of the case. Throughout McGann has never made any comment in the press and has always sought a reasonable solution.

The Judgement gives McGann $500k dollars and all his outstanding commissions owed once audited. Bisping is to be audited by the Master of the Bench in January. Bisping went through 4 separate disclosure actions and failed to provide the documents required. Couchmans solicitors representing McGann calculate the final sum due to be 1.7 million dollars. The ‘Bench’ audit for Bisping is to account from July 2005 until the present day.

Bisping is expected to fight one final time before hanging up the 4-0z gloves in 2018.

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