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Double Disappointment For The Irish At KSW 44

Both Paul Redmond and Chris Fields suffered defeats at KSW 44 last evening in Gdansk, Poland.

Both Chris Fields and Paul Redmond were in action at KSW 44 in Gdansk, Poland, but it won’t be a night that either man will be wanting to remember for a while.

A tale of two rounds for Paul Redmond

Paul Redmond looked to be getting the better of Gracjan Szadzinski in the first round at KSW 44, but ultimately it wasn’t to be his evening.

Redmond landed his jab twice early on and slipped an uppercut down the middle to rock back the head of the Pole. The Irishman then looked to take the fight to the mat but Szadzinski had his takedown well scouted and easily managed to negotiate his way out of range. Redmond then landed another right hand over the top to push Szadzinski back.

The Irishman then landed another right hand and took the fight to the mat off a trip. Redmond then looked to finish the fight on the mat with a toe hold but he ran out of time with the round coming to an end.

Despite nearly having his foot ripped off in the first round, Szadzinski came out strong in round two and landed some nice strikes to put Redmond on the back foot. The Irishman then attempted to tie the Pole up, but he caught a right hand on the exit and was then finished with some nasty hammer fists.

Redmond was cleary very hurt and took a long while making it back to his feet following the finish. The Irishman was then transported to hospital with a suspected broken nose.

Szadzinski now has three wins in a row and improved his record to 8-2.

Wagner Prado bulldozes through Chris Fields

Chris Fields put himself right in the mix of the KSW light heavyweight division title mix after defeating Wagner Prado at KSW 44.

The Brazilian starting the bout well and had Fields defending both a guillotine and a kimura after Fields took him down to the mat with a double leg. Fields negotiated his way out of both predicaments though and he caught Prado with a big knee as they made their way back to the feet. Both men exchanged wildly against the fence in the closing seconds of the first round.

Prado began the second round at a furious pace and he pushed Fields back from the outset. The Brazilian then clipped Fields with a nice left hand and the followed him down to the mat where he poured on the pressure with the ground and pound.

Fields did his best to try scramble out of toruble but Prado was simply too much for him. The Brazilian got the finish midway through the second round and then celebrated wildly with his team.

The win was Prado’s second in a row and he improved his record to 14-3.

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