Dillon Danis (left) and bullying victim (right). Photos: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports, screenshot from Twitter.

Dillon Danis pledges to help bullying victim after video of abuse goes viral

A video showing a disgusting case of bullying went viral, and caught the attention of controversial MMA fighter Dillon Danis

When it comes to bullying, Dillon Danis is on the exact same page as most of society. 

Dillon Danis is a polarising, often critiqued MMA fighter for various reasons. The former BJJ ace, who is a teammate of Conor McGregor, often finds himself in disputes with both fans and fighters. His seemingly unprovoked social media attack on YouTube personality Jake Paul, and the feud that ensued, is clear evidence of this. Despite certain controversies and feuds, Danis has his heart in the right place.

Danis vs Paul feud

A disgusting and reprehensible case of bullying was caught on film, and went viral after being shared to social media. The video shows a lone child being assaulted by a group of larger students. The cowardly attackers take turns in attacking the victim, who is haplessly outnumbered. The footage is hard to watch, and viewer discretion is advised.

Danis shared the video, asking for information about the bullying victim. It seems that they were both in luck. Danis managed to get the victims information, and messaged him, saying that he wanted to pay for the kids BJJ lessons.

“I wanna pay for a membership to the closest jiu jitsu gym nearest to you if you are interested,” Danis wrote in a direct message.

“For real? Wow,” the child responded, surprised by the generosity.

“Yea [sic] of course, that video broke my heart my man sorry you had to go through that but I got your back let’s do this,” Danis responded.


As of now it’s not clear how far the victim of the cowardly attack has gotten with his BJJ lessons.

Danis has held a somewhat antagonistic role since he debuted in MMA. He seems to relish the attention he gets from that persona, both positive and negative. Despite that, this is a welcome action that may very well show much more of who he actually is.

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