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Dillon Danis fires another, harsh shot at Jake Paul: “… every time you kiss your wife”

The feud between Bellator fighter and Conor McGregor team mate Dillon Danis and YouTube star Jake Paul is getting even uglier

Trash talk, bad blood and feuds are nothing new to combat sports, in fact, one could argue that they are a natural part of it. The intensity of combat sports can often increase the animosity felt towards ones rival. When it comes to Dillon Danis, team mate of Conor McGregor and known antagonist in MMA, lines will be crossed. MMAnytt yesterday reported on the ongoing feud between Danis and YouTube star Jake Paul, brother of Logan Paul. Danis began, seemingly unprovoked, by firing shots at the Paul family via social media, which garnered a response.


Two two sides went back and forth, with Paul first bringing up Danis’ significant other. Danis then countered with a picture of him with Paul’s wife, implying the two had had sexual relations. Paul brushed it off, along with confirmation from his wife Tana Mongeau that nothing happened.

Paul seemingly ended the dispute with a solid line, claiming that Danis’ peaked when he was attacked by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. One might have thought that the feud ended there, but Danis was just getting started, once again bringing up Paul’s wife.

As of now, Paul has not yet responded. Danis hasn’t fought since June of this year, when he submitted Max Humphrey at Bellator 222.

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