Report: Dillon Danis signs contract to fight Jake Paul

It seems that the feud that began online between McGregor team mate Dillon Danis and YouTube star Jake Paul has become all too real

To see an online feud between known personalities materialise into a real life fight is rare. However, Dillon Danis seldom sticks to the conventional. After starting a feud with YouTube stars and brothers Logan and Jake Paul, the latter took the bait and fired back. The two not only went after each other, but also brought significant others into it. Paul claimed that Danis’ girlfriend had had sex with him and/or his brother, and Danis did the same.


Now Danis claims to have signed a contract to fight Paul. He made the claim via Twitter, as of now he has not recieved a response.

“i signed my contract waiting on your end let’s give the people what they want!”

There is, however, no information what so ever as to what combat sport the match would be in, or what promotion. It may very well be all talk, as Danis has an extensive BJJ background and competes in Bellator. Paul, however, doesnät have any serious combat sports experience.

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