Derrick Lewis Rips On Francis Ngannou Saying He’s ’40-Years-Old’ And ‘Juiced’

Derrick Lewis didn't hold back when talking about Francis Ngannou and his performance at UFC 220.

Derrick Lewis takes on Marcin Tybura at UFC Fight Night 126 in Austin, Texas and he will be looking to put himself back in amongst the title talk in the heavyweight division.

One man who just had a shot at the title was Francis Ngannou. The Cameroonian-Frenchman failed to give Stipe Miocic too many problems and lost a clear unanimous decision loss on the scorecards. Lewis, who had been involved in a few social media exchanges with Ngannou prior to the bout, took full opportunity to poke fun at him after the fight on social media.

Speaking on the ‘Slip n’ Dip Podcast’ this past weekend, Lewis explained why he doesn’t like Ngannou and in typical fashion, he pulled no punches.

“Yeah, I’ll fight him on sight you know,” Lewis said chuckling. “This guy over here, every time somebody ask me a question about him, I say something nice, but every time somebody say something about him, he’s like trying to talk down on me saying I’m not on his level, talking about how I’m too slow and this and that.

“I really don’t care, but, don’t try and talk s*** about me every chance you get. He talks s***, but he’s never like ‘Oh, I want to fight Derek.’ He’s always talking down on me, but he doesn’t want to fight me.”

Some of the criticism levelled at Ngannou was that his cardio wasn’t where it needed to be for a five round championship fight. Lewis, who’s had similar criticism sent his way in the past, said that he’s worked out his problems in that department now and that Ngannou could now learn plenty from him when it comes to keeping the pace.

“I’m working on my cardio and s***, he needs to get down with me,” Lewis said. “Everybody talking about how I don’t have no cardio and this and that, but they don’t know that I do have cardio.

“I just hold it in and make it seem like I don’t because of the way I move. I just move slow and then I explode. It is what it is.”

When asked whether he’d watched Ngannou’s fight with Miocic, Lewis said that he hadn’t because he didn’t want to give Ngannou any of his money and that he’d only seen highlights because his friend facetimed him.

Lewis then went on to comment on Ngannou’s age and again, he didn’t hold anything back.

“That motherf***er is at least 40,” Lewis later added. “They say he was homeless so he probably don’t even know. Tell me where his birth certificate is at.

“He’s 40 man, juiced up. They say he’s younger than me, there’s no way he’s younger than me.”

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