Daniel Cormier: ‘Any Mixed Martial Artist Would Beat Floyd Mayweather’ in an MMA Fight

Daniel Cormier says Floyd Mayweather would get dissected and dismantled by any fighter in the UFC regardless of their record.

When it comes to Floyd Mayweather actually competing in the UFC, the 50-0 retired boxer might want to rethink his choices.

That’s the advice he got from UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who offered a rather harsh reality check when asked about Mayweather actually attempting to crossover from boxing to mixed martial arts.

While rumors persist that Mayweather is seriously considering a move to the UFC for a potential rematch against Conor McGregor, Cormier warns that the 41-year old boxer would be in for a rude awakening against any athlete on the roster much less the former two-division champion.

“Any mixed martial artist would beat Floyd in a full on mixed martial arts fight,” Cormier told “The Herd” on Wednesday. “Because when you start kicking guys, they turn. You kick a normal person that’s never been kicked, they can’t really handle that. Floyd would probably fall down from leg kicks.

“Because he only has that one skill. He’s the greatest boxer of all time.”

Cormier says that Mayweather’s chances would dwindle even further if he actually stepped into the cage with somebody like McGregor, who could virtually pick his shots and decide whether he wanted the fight to last 30 seconds or drag it out to last multiple rounds.

“It would be Conor’s determination on how long he let him fight,” Cormier added. “He could get him out there quick or he could make it last. But I mean he would be completely ripped up cause Conor would take him down, he would elbow him and his face would be all [messed up]. You don’t want to be outmatched in the Octagon like that because it can get really bad.

“If it was a full on fight, it would be no competition. [The fight would last] a minute if Conor wanted it to be a minute.”

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