Dana White: It’s Possible Brock Lesnar Faces Winner of Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier

Dana White says it's not out of the realm of possibility that Brock Lesnar returns to the UFC and gets an automatic title shot at the heavyweight champion

Brock Lesnar may land a heavyweight title shot on his first day back in the UFC.

That’s the word from UFC president Dana White who revealed some new information about Lesnar on Friday when discussing his return to the Octagon.

Earlier this week, White confirmed that Lesnar would fight in the UFC again, presumably after his current contract with WWE comes to an end after this weekend’s WrestleMania 34 event in New Orleans.

What wasn’t known at the time was Lesnar’s contract status with the UFC because it turns out he already has multiple fights left on his current deal so it’s just a matter of the former champion making the decision that he wants to compete again.

“He’s still under contract with the UFC but we have not signed him to a fight,” White said about Lesnar on Friday at the UFC’s 25th anniversary press conference. “He’s still under contract with us, too. He still has fights left on his deal. He’s got to get back in the USADA pool.”

Lesnar technically retired when he took his last hiatus from fighting, which means he dropped out of the drug testing pool with USADA. To return to the UFC, Lesnar would have to get back in the testing pool for at least six months before fighting.

Add to that, Lesnar still has time left on a one year suspension he received after testing positive for a banned substance following his last fight against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. The good news for Lesnar is that his suspension would run concurrently with his six month waiting period under the testing plan with USADA.

In other words assuming Lesnar didn’t test positive for another banned substance, he would be eligible to fight again six months after he enters the USADA testing pool.

As far as his first fight back, White didn’t shy away from the possibility that Lesnar could potentially challenge the winner of the upcoming UFC 226 main event between heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

“Yeah that’s a possibility,” White said about Lesnar facing the winner of Miocic and Cormier.

Lesnar is a former UFC heavyweight champion as well and the biggest draw that division has ever known so it’s entirely possible the promotion books him in a title fight when he returns.

While the reigning heavyweight champion didn’t weigh in, Cormier was definitely more than happy to give Lesnar the opportunity to fight for the title should he win on July 7 in Las Vegas.

“I think Conor [McGregor] calls it red panty night — when you go on a card with Brock Lesnar or fight Brock Lesnar, it’s like green panty night cause it’s raining money,” Cormier said. “When you fight Brock, you’re getting paid. Brock Lesnar would be awesome cause you get paid when you fight with Brock Lesnar or against Brock Lesnar.”

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