Cris “Cyborg” on Dana White: “He’s always lying”

✅ Interested in pursuing other opportunities as a free agent, Cris "Cyborg" maintains that she laughs when she sees "lying" Dana White

Cris  “Cyborg” Justinho is one of the greatest female fighters of all time, but despite that she’s had a contentious relationship with UFC president Dana White. After losing her UFC featherweight title to Amanda Nunes at UFC 232, accounts of what has happened after have differed.

White has been openly saying that “Cyborg” doesn’t want to fight Nunes again – something Justinho has refuted. She claims that she wanted the fight but was also interested in pursuing other opportunities after the last fight on her UFC contract, and that the UFC haven’t been willing to abide.

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Now she will instead face Canadian grappler Felicia Spencer at UFC 240, and told MMA Junkie about her thoughts concerning the UFC boss.

“I’m just laughing,” “Cyborg” said at the UFC 240 media day. “He’s always lying. I just keep (focus) on myself and keep doing what I’m doing. I know the truth is going to come out.”

White had been critical of “Cyborg” on many occasions, even before she entered the UFC. He once famously went after her appearance, saying that she looked “like Wanderlei Silva in a dress”. White and “Cyborg” did manage to patch things up for a while, that is until she lost her title.

She simply doesn’t expect things to change now and will maintain a similar attitude and resilience.

“If Dana White does something nice for me, I’m going to be surprised,” “Cyborg” said. “He’s doing this all my career. I just laugh at him. When I see him, I just laugh.

“It’s a business. He’s working with the UFC, but I don’t have to deal with him. I don’t deal with him. I deal with another person in the UFC, and this is not any problem. I just have to be professional.”

It remains to be seen if “Cyborg” even stays in the UFC after the last fight on her contract, but regardless it doesn’t seem like her relationship with White has improved.

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