Featherweight champ Max Holloway not done with lightweight

✅ Lost his UFC lightweight debut against Dustin Poirier ✅ Defends his featherweight belt against former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar

Despite coming up short in his foray into the UFC’s lightweight division, featherweight champion Max Holloway is still interested in future fights at the higher weight class. 

At UFC 236 UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway stepped up to lightweight to face Dustin Poirier for the interim lightweight title. Beforehand Holloway was a clear favourite, but he ended up losing a just as obvious decision. Holloway appeared significantly smaller physically at lightweight, and many were quick to write him off for future fights at lightweight.

Recently though, Holloway opened up about returning to lightweight – and he’s more than willing.

“(Lightweight) ain’t far off,” Holloway told reporters during a media luncheon Thursday. “That’s only 10 pounds, that’s all it is, is 10 pounds. We’ll get back there when we get back there. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, and we’ll see what happens. If it takes a 10-fight win streak to fight for another belt up there, become the double champ, it takes a 10-fight streak. That’s what it is. I ain’t scared of no work, and you guys all know that. Put my nose down and get to work I guess.”

Defends featherweight title next

Next up Holloway will defend his featherweight title against  former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar. The fight takes place at UFC 240 on July 27th in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edgar has for a long time been heralded as one of the greatest fighters of the lighter weight classes and was lightweight division staple despite being undersized. If Holloway can defeat the former lightweight champion, then there may very well be some credence to his claims and desires to move up in weight.

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