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Has Conor McGregor Just Turned His Back On The UFC?

'No more work baby' - has the UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor just called time on his UFC career?

When will Conor McGregor return to the UFC Octagon?
Who will he face when he returns?
Will he ever defend a UFC title belt?

These are all questions currently being asked by the Irishman’s fans, but his latest post on Instagram would suggest that a return isn’t on his mind at all.

Posted at 04:30 am Irish Time on Sunday 01/28/2018, McGregor posted a photo of him wearing three lavish looking watches with the caption “No more work baby.”

No more work baby

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McGregor, who allegedly earned nearly $100 million for his boxing showdown with Floyd Mayweather back in Aug. 2017, was showing off three watches said to be worth a combined £100,000.

Mirror Sport, identified the green-faced Rolex on the left as the Rolex Cosmograph Dayton which is valued at £25,000. The lighter green-faced Rolex on the right, the Rolex Day-Date is worth approximately £27,000, while the Phillipe Patek watch in the middle is said to be worth roughly £40-50,000.

McGregor is currently sat on the sidelines and is still officially the UFC’s 155-pounds champion. That, however, may change with the UFC brass said to be growing increasingly frustrated at the Irishman’s lack of activity and reluctance to commit to an official return date.

It’s now been 14-months since the UFC champion stepped inside the Octagon and a return date looks no nearer despite fans growing increasingly weary by his in activity. UFC President Dana White remains adamant that he will get a deal done, but with McGregor earning one of the biggest paychecks in combat sports, MMA now needs him more he needs MMA.

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