Conor McGregor Promises There’s Still a Lot of Fight Left In Him

Conor McGregor discusses his future in combat sports and makes it clear he's not going anywhere just yet

Conor McGregor loves money but his bank account won’t determine his future in fighting.

After reportedly making a $100 million payday for his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in August, McGregor has been relatively quiet regarding his fighting future while attempting to negotiate a new contract with the UFC.

UFC president Dana White has gone as far as saying that he’s not sure McGregor will ever return with that kind of money in the bank, but the 29-year old lightweight champion promises his decision to fight or not to fight will never depend on how much cash he’s getting paid.

Instead, McGregor says his biggest concern is about his health and right now he’s got plenty of fight left in him.

“I always look at the end from a damage-taken standpoint,” McGregor said when speaking to Sky Sports News this week. “How much damage have I taken? How is my brain? How is my mental health? How is my physical body? How is my training? How is my preparation? How is my hunger for it?

“That is where I gauge how long I will do it and there is still a lot left in me.”

Obviously, McGregor has touted his enormous fortune for quite some time, even before he earned nine-figures for the boxing match with Mayweather, but he’s no longer worried as much about money.

McGregor knows he’s got the kind of cash that will last him a lifetime so while fighting will always be lucrative, that’s not what drives him.

“It is not necessarily a money thing for me. I am passionate about fighting. Fighting is what I love to do. I will continue to do it as long as I am healthy and willing to put in the work that it takes to do,” McGregor said.

“I will not be stupid though. I will not notice things about myself and then continue to do it like many others before me. It is a dangerous, ruthless business and I am aware of that. Thankfully I am in a position of great wealth. I do not need to do it. I am doing it for the love of it. I will make my decision when the time comes.”

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