Conor McGregor promises Floyd Mayweather won’t last 2 rounds with 8-ounce gloves on

On Wednesday, Conor McGregor will find out whether or not the Nevada State Athletic Commission will allow him to wear eight-ounce gloves for his fight against Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26.

The boxing match is taking place at 154-pounds, which requires 10-ounce gloves based on standard regulations but both Mayweather and McGregor have agreed to wear smaller gloves if the commission will approve it.

It was actually Mayweather who first suggested the switch to smaller gloves in an attempt to make McGregor feel more comfortable considering he typically wears four-ounce gloves when competing in the UFC.

McGregor says that Mayweather may have written a check that he won’t want to cash once they start trading punches with eight-ounce gloves on.

“If we go eight-ounces, which we are very close to I believe, there’s commission hearings so I’m very pleased about that, he’ll be unconscious inside two rounds,” McGregor said this past Friday at his media day in Las Vegas. “Really one round, only for the 10-second count, I will give him surviving into the second [round] but if it’s not and it’s 10-ounce [gloves] maybe four rounds.

“Under [10] ounce, he is certainly unconscious and that’s it.”

McGregor says behind the scenes Mayweather was telling a much different story than the one he put out publicly when glove size was being discussed as the fight was coming together.

According to the UFC lightweight champion, Mayweather’s camp had all sorts of conditions on the glove sizes, the manufacturers and even the materials used to make the gloves before signing on to make the fight official.

“These are all stipulations that were behind closed doors were going on.,” McGregor explained. “I couldn’t wear Mexican [gloves], I didn’t know the difference. Then I got Mexican gloves, I got horsehair gloves and I got the regular gloves and I start to understand why. Some of them are more of a puncher’s glove and some of them are more of a protective glove.

“These are all things that were in the stipulations and I was like I don’t really care.”

McGregor believes it was only because he spoke out about the conditions that led Mayweather to suggest moving down to eight-ounce gloves.

Now the commission will make a ruling on Wednesday that could allow the fighters to move down to eight-ounce gloves, which McGregor feels will give him a huge advantage considering his one punch knockout power while going up against Mayweather, who has been known to have severe problems with his hands throughout his boxing career.

“I let that be known publicly and I think that bothered him a little bit,” McGregor said about the glove sizes in the fight. “He thought his manhood was being questioned and then he’s pushing for the eight-ounce [gloves]. Great, I’m ready.

“I fight in four ounce [gloves] so whatever. It looks like it’s going to happen.”

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