Ben Askren Says He’d Be A Stylistic Nightmare For Georges St-Pierre

Ben Askren fancies a fight with Georges St-Pierre but he's not sure the Canadian will ever return.

Ben Askren retired a perfect 18-0 last month, but he’s made it perfectly clear that he would return to the cage if he could get the opportunity to prove that he’s the #1 in the world.

The former ONE welterweight champion has made it widely known that he’d take a fight with Georges St-Pierre if the offer was on the table and he’s very confident that he’d keep is perfect record in tact. Speaking to Submission Radio this past week, Askren explained why he didn’t think it would be a fight that would suit St-Pierre’s style.

“I see it pretty simply,” Askren said. “Georges doesn’t like tough fights. And when Georges gets in a tough fight, he takes people down repeatedly and he’s very good at it, very good at it. He’s very good at maintaining top position.

“I’m not going to go away easily, I will be a tough fight and Georges will not repeatedly take me down. And if he somehow takes me down he absolutely will not keep me down. So that’s how I see it going.”

While Askren is happily retired, whether St-Pierre ever fights again still remains a mystery. After disclosing he’s been suffering from Colitis and vacating his middleweight title two weeks ago, questions still remain as to whether he will ever step foot inside the Octagon again.

“I knew that, I mean, my suspicion was that there’s no way that he’s ever going to fight again at middleweight,” Askren said. “This was the one time he would because I think he had a good idea that he was gonna beat Michael Bisping, but there’s no way he wanted to fight Robert Whittaker.

“He didn’t want that fight. So, I definitely think we’ll never see him in middleweight again. Now, will we see him fight again? I’m not sure.”

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