“Rumble” Johnson open to UFC return: “If the price is right”

✅ Should the right circumstances align the two time title challenger Anthony Johnson could return to the UFC ✅ Competed this weekend

MMA retirements don’t have the same permanent feel as many other sports do, and with good reason, as Anthony Johnson is somewhat open to a UFC return.

It was in april, 2017 that we last saw Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in the UFC octagon. After failing in his second bid to get the title he would announce his retirement from MMA in the cage and walk away from the sport. It was a surprising decision, as Johnson’s 2014 return to the UFC yielded fantastic results, with a 6-2 record in this return with the only losses coming in championship fights to then title holder Daniel Cormier.

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This weekend Johnson competed against Craig Jones in a grappling bout at Submission Underground 9. Johnson, who wasn’t exactly known for his grappling as an MMA fighter, ended up losing via submission in 47 seconds. He was in good spirits though and saw this as a fun opportunity.

“This was just fun for me, man,” Johnson told ring announcer Chael Sonnen after the grappling bout. “I like competition – win, lose or draw. I still go out there and try my best.

“Sorry for not being able to perform, knocking somebody out, you know. Grappling, of course, isn’t my forte, but I’m not afraid to do it. Just in a fight I’m an entertainer – people want to see me knocking people out. On the ground, I get bored, but I would never get bored against a competitor like Craig Jones.”

Sonnen then proceeded to ask Johnson about a potential return to the UFC.

“If the price is right, the price is right,” Johnson replied.

Should Johnson return it would most likely be at heavyweight, as he walks around at well over the heavyweight limit these days. Johnsons last three wins are all by vicious knockout and he was a true force to reckon with in the UFC. It remains to be seen if “Rumble” decides to give it a third go and return to the UFC.

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