Darren Till Lashes Out at Constant Questions About His Upcoming Weight Cut

Darren Till is getting sick and tired of being asked about his weight ahead of his title fight showdown against champion Tyron Woodley at UFC 228

Darren Till is getting sick and tired of talking about his weight cut.

The 25-year old British fighter is less than two weeks away from his first shot at gold when he takes on Tyron Woodley in the main event at UFC 228 from Dallas.

As much as Till would love to just focus on the task at hand, he’s been bombarded with questions about his upcoming weight cut leading into the title fight.

Of course those inquiries aren’t coming without merit considering Till has missed weight twice while competing in the welterweight division including his last fight against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson where he came in a whopping three and a half pounds over the limit for a non-title fight.

For his fight against Woodley at UFC 228, Till will have no room for error as he must come in at exactly 170 pounds or less or he will no longer be competing for the welterweight title.

When asked exactly how much he’s weighing with about 10 days left until he steps onto the scales, Till didn’t sugarcoat his current status while admitting things are going to get rough for him over the next week and a half.

“It’s s–t,” Till said in response to how much he weighs right now. “I hate cutting weight. I hate making weight. I hate dieting. I’m going to make this weight so I can’t wait to [throw up two middle fingers] when step onto them scales. I’m in that moment now where I don’t want to train anymore, I don’t want to eat good anymore. I just wish I had a hamburger in front of me but it’s all sacrifices. I made a mistake last time.

“I can’t wait to just say f–k you to everyone who just keeps babbling on about weight, he didn’t make weight, f–k Till — f–k them.”

Despite his past woes, Till still can’t understand why there’s so much attention being paid to his weight cut considering he’s not the first fighter to fail on the scale and he certainly won’t be the last.

Of course it doesn’t help matters much that fellow top 10 ranked welterweight Kamaru Usman is staying ready just in case he gets the call to fight on short notice, presumably as a back up plan if Till fails to make weight.

While Woodley has already said he’s not going to face Usman on short notice no matter the reason, Till promises that it’s not even going to be a bother because he’s going to hit the welterweight limit and then take the belt that Saturday night.

“I feel like I’m the only fighter who’s ever missed weight in the UFC to be totally honest,” Till said. “I feel like when we talk about weight now it’s Darren Till, Darren Till. I missed weight. People need to just get off it. If [Kamaru] Usman’s there and ready and by some chance I miss weight, Tyron said he wasn’t going to fight him but it is what it is. They’ve got the back up. Usman, they’ve told him, he’s doing what he’s told.

“I’m just focused on Friday making 170 and then Saturday going in and just absolutely f–king destroying Tyron Woodley. That’s all I’m focused on right now. I’m not focused on what she says or what he says online or what Usman says.”

On a more positive note, Till does say that he’s actually a lot leaner right now than he was heading into the fight with Thompson a few months ago.

He hopes that will lead to an easier weight cut and then everybody can stop asking about it and focus on the fight.

“I just f–king hate it. I could be three kilos from right now, I just hate it,” Till said about cutting weight. “I’m good. I’m OK. This is probably the leanest I’ve ever been two weeks out. I’m lean, I’ve got more muscle than my last fight. I’ve probably got about the same muscle as the fight before with[Donald] Cerrone and that weight cut, that was a piece of piss.

“Let’s hope it’s the same. I just hate cutting weight.”

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