5 Reasons why Combate America’s season two will kick ‘traseros’

The premier Hispanic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports franchise will return with its first ever World Championship

The premier Hispanic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports franchise, Combate Americas, will launch its second season of 2018 in September.

There are several arguments on why this second part of the year is going to be an electric one in “la jaula”, the Combate America’s cage.

Here are some of the reasons why we think Combate Americas will kick some “traseros” in this new season:


For the first time, Combate Americas will crown their first ever champion, when former Copa Combate winner, Levy Saul Marroquin (11-2), faces fellow Mexican striker Jose “Pochito” Alday (11-3-1) in a Bantamweight World Championship match.

Also in this event, the promotion will launch the “Camino a Copa,” or “COPA COMBATE” tournament qualifying. Fighters will face themselves to earn a spot in the famed one night, eight-man tournament, and represent their respective countries.

The event will be held at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Ariz. on Friday, Sept. 28.


In April, the Uruguayan and pioneer of South American mixed martial arts, Gaston “Tonga” Reyno (7-2), was announced as a new addition to the Combate Americas roster and will make his debut in the second half of 2018.

The expectation of former Bellator MMA fighter is huge. Since his signing announcement, he has generated great expectation in the Hispanic fans of mixed martial arts community, so he arrives at Combate Americas with a super star status.

It is not known if he will have a previous combat, or on the contrary, if he will be a main participant of the “COPA COMBATE”.


Are you a fan of mixed martial arts one-night tournaments? Well, Combate Americas have you covered.

After the sensational debut of “COPA COMBATE” in 2017, with Mexican bantamweight Levy Marroquin emerging as the first ever champion of the cup; Combate Americas will continue to offer this entertaining and epic event this year.

This tournament works with a World Cup style format, where each fighter represents their respective countries. Quarter Finals, Semifinals and Championship match are all solved in the same night.

Also, for the first time, there will be qualifiers for this tournament, so fighters will have to earn the right to represent their nations.

Rumors suggest that the tournament will be held in the featherweight division (145 pounds).


After a long period of inactivity due to an injury, Mexican hero Erik “Goyito” Pérez (18-6) made his dominant return, in his promotional debut of Combate Americas.

Pérez dominated David “DJ” Fuentes (13-11) at pleasure, and showed that the best for the Mexican is yet to come, because he showed skills and conditions never seen before in his career.

“Goyito” at 28, will give the best moments of his career in Combate Americas, and is expected to return to action by the end of 2018. Who knows, maybe he’ll face the winner between Levy Marroquín and José Alday, who will fight for the world title of 135 pounds.


Something that Combate Americas has is good prospects, fighters that will surely give something to talk about in the future.

The organization has an interesting style, by being of Latin origin, it offers an additional flavor that makes bouts more colorful and entertaining. In Combate Américas, young fighters are not afraid to go out to give their best show.

There are names that will surely be back in the second half of the year, as are Melissa “Super Melly” Martinez (4-0), who has managed to make some of his brutal knockouts viral. Another interesting name is Óscar “Jacare” Suárez (5-1), Spanish fighter with spectacular kicks.

Among other youngsters who will continue to shine in the cage are Edgar “Pitbull” Chairez (4-0), who has achieved all his victories by dominant finishes. Also the Chilean Eduardo “Cyborg” Torres (9-0), considered one of the great promises of South American MMA.

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