Alexander Gustafsson to Jon Jones: ‘He Has to Put Illegal S— In His Body to Be Confident’

Alexander Gustafsson believes deep down that Jon Jones is a cheater but he still has no problem facing him on Saturday night at UFC 232

Alexander Gustafsson believes without a doubt that Jon Jones is a cheater but that won’t prevent him from facing the former light heavyweight champion at UFC 232.

The controversy surrounding Jones’ drug testing history came into question yet again a few days ago when the entire UFC 232 card was relocated because USADA once again found traces of Turinabol — an anabolic steroid — in his body.

Ultimately, USADA and the UFC ruled that Jones was the victim of residual fallout from his previous drug test in 2017 that also showed traces of Turinabol in his body. In other words, USADA and the UFC don’t believe Jones used a performance enhancing drug for a second time to get popped positive in this latest test result.

Jones has proclaimed his innocence on more than one occasion including Thursday’s UFC 232 pre-fight press conference but his opponent still wasn’t buying it.

“Yes, I do [believe he’s a cheater],” Gustafsson said. “This guy is not confident. He has to put s—t into his body to be confident. That’s how he is. You’re not confident at all. You’re not confident at all. Is it legal stuff you put in your body or illegal stuff that you put in your body?

“On Saturday it will be different. It won’t help you this time. It’s illegal s—t in your body.”

Gustafsson has been waiting five years for a second chance to face Jones after coming up just short against him in 2013.

Perhaps that desire to settle the score once and for all played a part in Gustafsson’s willingness to fight on Saturday night rather than wait until March for a rescheduled rematch with Jones.

Still, Gustafsson had to deal with the relocation of the card to Los Angeles after originally being in Las Vegas not to mention the inconvenience put upon his coaches, trainers, friends and family who were traveling into the event.

As disappointing as it was to deal with that, Gustafsson says he couldn’t delay this fight any longer and no matter what Jones is using or not using, he’s just ready to exact his revenge at UFC 232.

“I’m here to fight, that’s what I’m here for to fight,” Gustafsson said. “That’s it, nothing else, nothing less. Whatever this guy is saying is just bulls—t. He’s just terrible. This guy is terrible. I’m telling you. He’s terrible. I’m here to fight. It was nothing else, I’m here to fight.”

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