Michael Bisping Responds to Colby Covington Trolling Him Over President Trump Meeting

Michael Bisping saw Colby Covington's video posted towards him on Instagram and he responded on the latest edition of his podcast

Michael Bisping may be retired but that doesn’t mean he won’t engage in a war of words with another fighter.

Following UFC 225 in Chicago back in June, Bisping got heated with interim welterweight champion Colby Covington during an interview following his victory over Rafael dos Anjos that night.

The back and forth exchange made all the headlines as Bisping and Covington went after each other throughout the interview. Just days ago, Covington responded to a pair of the criticisms that Bisping had about him during the interview, most notably that he was touting a meeting with President Donald Trump where he planned to present the UFC title to him.

Covington actually got that meeting with the President just recently and he was more than happy to remind Bisping of that fact in a video aimed at the former middleweight champion. Now Bisping has responded during his “Believe You Me” podcast after watching Covington’s video.

“For one, you’re a big Trump supporter, good for you, well done. You went to the White House, well done. Let’s just be clear though, you didn’t go as the champion. Interim belt or not. You’re currently now nothing other than a regular UFC fighter and you only went because Dana White is close with Donald Trump. Their friends, their buddies,” Bisping said.

“I’ve got to think that was part of the reason why. It wasn’t a case of [Trump] sat and watched and went ‘oh my god, here’s this Colby douche bag face, that is doing these incredible things, we have to have him to the White House, we have to honor this great American’. No, it wasn’t that. He went running and when Dana stripped him, Dana said ‘don’t worry about it, we’re going to strip you but just to soften the blow, I’ve got you a President meeting, you can pop in for 30 seconds but don’t touch anything’.”

Technically, Covington hasn’t been stripped of his interim title yet and he won’t be until after current welterweight champion Tyron Woodley steps into the Octagon with Darren Till on Sept. 8 at UFC 228.

Regardless, Bisping still took another shot at Covington for the video while noting that he’ll be watching the welterweight title fight from the sidelines rather than fighting for the championship at UFC 228.

“God bless him. He can sit around and fiddle with his photoshop tools all day because he ain’t preparing for any f–king title fight,” Bisping said. “That’s Darren Till’s job right now.

“So who’s getting the last laugh? Darren Till or Colby Covington?”

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