VIDEO: Nate Diaz smokes weed during his USADA drug test

✔ Nate Diaz invites the USADA sample collector to smoke with him ✔ UFC star lashes out: "USADA can f*cking suck a d*ck"

UFC star Nate Diaz showed how times have changed when he smoked a joint while having USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) visiting him for a drug test! Diaz is preparing for a welterweight showdown against Khamzat Chimaev on September 10 at UFC 279. Ahead of their main event bout, both athletes are going to be tested for performance enhancing drugs both before and after the fight.

USADA is the UFC’s independent anti-doping partner and carries out the drug tests of the UFC athletes. But when USADA visited Diaz, things did not go as planned. Diaz was not able to provide enough urine for the test and the USADA representative ended up sitting in the living room while the UFC star smoked weed and went on Instagram Live.

“This man won’t get out of my house because I didn’t give him enough piss,” Diaz said in the Instagram live feed. “I pissed all I can, my n***a. How many liters do I do? I’ve got two more liters of piss I’ve got to give him and he won’t get out of here until [then]. DK is my guy but USADA can fucking suck a dick. Come back in six hours, I’ll give you two more. Sorry DK.

“Wanna hit that?” Diaz asked the sample collector.


The scenes are a far cry from the days of Nate Diaz older brother Nick Diaz. In January 2015, Nick failed his post-fight drug test for marijuana metabolites and got   suspended for 5 years and fined $165,000 by Nevada State Athletic Commission. Even though his suspension and fine were later reduced, they had a big impact on Nick’s MMA career.


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