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UFC president threatens illegal streamers: “You get f**king smashed!”

✔ Dana White sounds off: "You're bitching about fighters not making enough money!?"

UFC president Dana White has been on the warpath against illegal streamers for many years, but now claims that he has the upper hand! In a recent interview with GQ, the UFC boss opened up about his struggles against people that pirate their events and what he does to prevent it.

“I care dummy,” Dana White answered to a user asking why he cares so much about pirated streams. “That’s how everybody makes their money. You’re bitching about fighters not making enough money!? They get a piece of the pay-per-view revenue!”

UFC salaries has been one of the hottest topics in recent years and White claims that illegal streamers are undermining the fighter’s ability to make money. White said that the UFC has been clamping down HARD on illegal streamers and sent a threatening message to those who pirate their events.

“People who steal it are stealing it from us and them,” Dana White continued. “And what happens to people who steal? You get fucking smashed and you go to jail. That is what happens to you, and I make sure that we get you!”


UFC president Dana White: “Stealing is stealing”

Dana White started going after illegal streamers when Conor McGregor made his anticipated retur to the octagon in 2021. “The Notorious” McGregor fought Dustin Poirier and garnered a lot of attention ahead of their lightweight bout. One illegal streamer commented on one of White’s post about the fight and taunted him.

“Can’t wait to pirate the f**k out of this, one user wrote. Thanks Dana, I’m excited!”

White decided to make an example out of him and went after him. The UFC president said that he was taunted but that he is getting the last laugh.

“Everybody was f**king laughing when I was talking about this but we caught a lot of people. People weren’t laughing when they got caught, and I had a lot of people begging me not to prosecute them, but stealing is stealing.”


What do you make off the UFC president’s comments about illegal streamers?


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