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UFC Boss “not very” confident that Khabib vs Ferguson happens this year

“I’m afraid of what will happen next..."

It’s been called the most cursed match up in MMA history. For one reason or another, things keep cancelling the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. The bout has been booked yet fallen through five times, most recently due to the ongoing global pandemic. Fans are clamouring to see the fight, that stylistically should deliver fireworks. However, according to UFC president Dana White, fans shouldn’t be holding their breath for Khabib vs Ferguson happening this year.

In a live appearance during a Reddit AMA White was asked how confident he was that we would see Khabib vs Ferguson this year. “Not very,” White answered “I’m afraid of what will happen next if we try to make that happen again.”


Fans have joked about the fight being cursed, though as it has been cancelled five times, people could be forgiven for being somewhat superstitious. The two were supposed to fight at UFC 249 on April 18th in Brooklyn, New York, though the Covid-19 outbreak out the breaks on those plans.

Now it seems that Ferguson will face Justin Gaethje for the interim lightweight title instead, at the re-booked UFC 249. The event will go down in Jacksonville, Florida on May 9th instead. Meanwhile it’s unsure when Nurmagomedov will return to the UFC, though White has predicted a return in September or October. These estimates are all speculation though, as the ongoing pandemic may very well affect Nurmagomedov’s return.

Do you think we will see Khabib vs Ferguson this year?

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