UFC 300 Teases Double Drama: Masvidal vs Edwards or Askren vs Masvidal

High-Stakes Rematches Set to Ignite the Octagon in Landmark Event

In a thrilling twist of fate, Ben Askren has announced his willingness to come out of retirement to face Jorge Masvidal at UFC 300. This declaration comes on the heels of Masvidal ending his eight-month hiatus from the sport. While specifics of Masvidal’s return remain under wraps, Askren expressed his readiness for a rematch, especially for a marquee event like UFC 300.

Speaking on Daniel Cormier’s YouTube channel, Askren didn’t mince words: “If Dana [White] wants it, I’m there. Jorge Masvidal, UFC 300, I’m ready to step back into the octagon.” This statement rekindles the intense rivalry that once culminated in Masvidal’s sensational flying-knee knockout of Askren at UFC 239.

However, for this rematch to materialize, several hurdles must be cleared, including exemptions from anti-doping protocols due to their retirement status. Despite his eagerness, Askren remains skeptical about Masvidal accepting the challenge, attributing potential reluctance to financial motives.

Masvidal’s Career Highlights

Post their initial encounter, Masvidal ascended to superstardom, clinching the BMF title against Nate Diaz and vying for the UFC welterweight championship. His retirement followed a loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287, shifting his focus to his promotion, Gamebred MMA.

Askren, on the other hand, has been out of action since his defeat to Demian Maia in 2019. Yet, he assures fans of his readiness, emphasizing his continued fitness and wrestling prowess.

Masvidal’s Potential Title Fight with Leon Edwards

In another exciting development, Jorge Masvidal is rumored to be a potential contender for the welterweight title against Leon Edwards at UFC 300. This speculation gains traction despite earlier reports suggesting Edwards would face Belal Muhammad in a title defense rematch.

Henry Cejudo, a former two-weight champion, hinted at this possibility, acknowledging Masvidal’s unretirement and his unresolved rivalry with Edwards. Cejudo opined on his YouTube channel about the UFC’s likely strategy, emphasizing the entertainment value and marketability of a Masvidal-Edwards title bout.

Conclusion: A Showdown of Rivalries at UFC 300?

As UFC 300 approaches, the prospect of both Askren-Masvidal and Masvidal-Edwards fights adds an electrifying dimension to the event. Will Masvidal step into the octagon against his old rival Askren or chase the welterweight title against Edwards? Only time will tell.

Do you think Jorge Masvidal will accept the challenge to fight Ben Askren, or will he aim for the title bout against Leon Edwards? Share your thoughts!

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