Ngannou’s Bold Leap: From UFC to PFL Stardom and Boxing Triumphs

"Ngannou's Bold Journey and the Harsh Realities of the Industry"

The Unexpected Path to Glory In a striking move that defied the norms of mixed martial arts, Francis Ngannou took a bold leap in 2023, shaking up his career trajectory in a way few could have anticipated. The former UFC heavyweight champion made headlines not for his in-ring performances alone but for his strategic career decisions that steered him towards new, uncharted territories.

A Deal with a Twist: Equity, Leadership, and Boxing Ngannou’s departure from the UFC was not just another contract negotiation—it was a groundbreaking shift. Refusing to settle with the UFC, he embraced an offer from the Professional Fighters League (PFL) that was more than just lucrative. It was transformative. The PFL deal offered him equity, a leadership role, and an unprecedented opportunity to step into the world of boxing. This flexibility led to his sensational boxing debut against Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia. Though it ended in a controversial split decision loss, the fight not only added a significant eight-figure sum to his earnings but also amplified his star power.

Reflections on the Journey and the Harsh Realities of the Business In a candid reflection on his YouTube channel, Ngannou opened up about the complexities and harsh realities of the fight business. His journey was marked by a series of controversial opinions and negotiations with multiple organizations, revealing the dual-faced nature of the industry. “It’s part of the business and that’s something that I learned this year – how this business can be nasty,” Ngannou stated, exposing the unspoken challenges fighters face.

PFL: The Ultimate Choice Despite interest from other promotions like ONE Championship and BKFC, Ngannou’s choice ultimately fell on PFL. His decision was driven not just by the financial rewards but also by the promise of a role that transcended the traditional fighter’s path. “A great contract and a great opportunity that I couldn’t turn down,” he said, highlighting the unique aspects of his PFL deal.

In the end, Francis Ngannou’s journey in 2023 was not just about fights won or lost; it was about breaking barriers, redefining norms, and discovering the true nature of the fight game. As he continues to explore opportunities in both the ring and cage, one question remains: What heights will “The Predator” reach in this new chapter of his storied career?


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