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Tyson Fury splits from coach ahead of Deontay Wilder rematch – Conor McGregor reacts

As usual, Conor McGregor has chimed in on the biggest happenings in combat sports

Tyson Fury, one of the most popular boxers in the sport today, will be needing a new head coach, and Conor McGregor has some advice for the Englishman.

It was recently revealed by ESPN that Tyson Fury has split from his head trainer Ben Davidson. This just a few months removed from Fury’s upcoming rematch with Deontay Wilder on February 22nd. The split does not seem to be one done out of anger, however, as Davidson made clear on social media.

“Obviously it’s not gonna stop until there’s an answer, Tyson and myself had to both make decisions for our careers, which resulted in our working relationship coming to an end, HOWEVER, we remain friends and he will SMASH the DOSSER,” Davidson wrote.

Fury later revealed that he will instead be training under Javan “Sugar” Hill for the Wilder rematch.


This news also garnered a response from Conor McGregor, who Fury has said he wants to train with ahead of a potential MMA match.

“Get over it men and get back to work,” McGregor commented. “Finish the job.”

Fury vs Wilder II is one of the most anticipated boxing bouts of 2020. In their first meeting, early last year, Fury outboxed Wilder for most of the fight. Towards the end though, Wilder landed a devastating haymaker that would have finished lesser fighters. Somehow, Fury recovered and went the full distance. The fight was later ruled a draw bu the judges, in what was seen as a controversial decision.

Fury has also opened up about competing in MMA, though these plans seem rather uncertain at the moment.


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