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UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou was in Wembley Stadium in London when Tyson Fury defeated Dillian Whyte in front of a packed 94,000 arena.

Fury won the boxing match with a solid uppercut in the sixth round and then took the opportunity to retire from professional boxing – but with a twist!

– This may have been the last match for The Gypsy King, Fury said in the ring. What a way to end!

After that speech, however, he welcomed UFC champion Ngannou to the ring and together they announced a super fight between them.

– This will be a very special fight that has never been seen before in the history of the sport, said Fury. We’re not talking about two little guys. It will be an explosive fight when it happens.

– It will be a hybrid bout with different types of rules, Ngannou added. MMA gloves in the ring, a bit of a mix. A little different.

“I’m the heavyweight champion in boxing, [he is] the UFC’s heavyweight champion,” Fury told ESPN after his win. He is in good shape. Look at the muscles of him.

“I want to find out who is the most dangerous bastard on the planet,” Ngannou said.

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou in Africa?

Ngannou currently has an active UFC contract and is the heavyweight champion. He was last seen in the Octagon in January 2022 when he defended his title against former teammate Ciryl Gane via decision.

Although it was the last fight on Ngannou’s UFC contract, his obligations to the organization were automatically extended when he defended his title. However, Ngannou suffered a knee injury during the fight that needed surgery, something he is now recovering from.

Ngannou’s recovery from surgery means he will not be able to compete for the rest of the year. It also means that the deadline for his UFC contract will expire, which allows Ngannou to face Fury thereafter. That would mean that the title defense against Gane marked Ngannou’s last fight in the UFC – at least this time.

Ngannou and the UFC have had repeated problems over the years and the heavyweight king has several times openly criticized the UFC for, among other things, his salary. A fight against Fury would undoubtedly be a lucrative opportunity for Ngannou and a bout he promises the fans!

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