Tyron Woodley Tables An Interesting Offer To Solve Nate Diaz’s UFC 219 Pay Demands

Nate Diaz is asking for $15 million to fight Tyron Woodley at UFC 219 , but the champion has a solution.

Nate Diaz is asking for $15 million to fight Tyron Woodley at UFC 219, but the UFC welterweight champion has tabled an interesting counter proposal to see if can entice Diaz into taking the fight.

Yesterday, it was widely reported via Submission Radio that Diaz was asking for a highly improbable $15 million to fight Woodley on Dec. 30. Nate Diaz’s boxing coach, Richard Perez, was the man to reveal Diaz’s pay demands and he added that he thought the fight was unlikely to happen.

Woodley has been very vocal about wanting to make the fight happen and today he reached out to Diaz and the UFC via Twitter to offer an interesting proposal.

The UFC welterweight champion suggested both he and Diaz start with a base pay of $5 million, and then let the winner take home a win bonus of $5 million.

Woodley’s last reported salary stated that he took home show money of $400,000 with a win bonus of $100,000 at UFC 209 last March. In effect, Woodley is asking for ten times the amount he was paid to fight Stephen Thompson for the second time at the T-Mobile Arena earlier this year.

Following Woodley’s last fight at UFC 214, UFC President Dana White was outspoken about the way Woodley approached his fight with Demian Maia.

“Who wants to pay to see Tyron Woodley fight again? He is an absolute physical specimen. The guy could have finished the fight anytime he wanted to, but he didn’t want to take any risks,” White said, h/t Sherdog.

“You take no risks, you get no rewards.”

Both White and Woodley made up just days after the event, but it’s interesting for context given the numbers being quoted to make the fight between Woodley and Diaz happen at UFC 219.

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