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The UFC Fighter Speaks About “Cowboy” Cerrone and Dan Bilzerian’s Disgusting Behavior!

✔ Reveals drunk Cowboy and his friend treated his family! ✔ "During the live fights he sits there and watches porn"

Anthony Smith was furious after hearing about how UFC colleagues Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Social media influencer Dan Bilzerian treated his family at a live UFC event.

When “Lionheart” Smith met legendary Jon Jones at UFC 235, his family was there to support him in the biggest fight of his career.

Unfortunately, the experience was not very positive for the UFC fighter’s loved ones. Among other things, due to “Cowboy” Cerrone and his friend Bilzerian showed up and tried to snatch their seats in the arena.

Bilzerian is an American poker player and influencer known for his wild personality and lifestyle. Together with “Cowboy” Cerrone, he enjoyed the big event a little too much.

“Dan Bilzerian and Donald Cerrone removed my mother and my wife from their seats as I prepared for the fight against Jon Jones,” Smith revealed in a new episode of the podcast Believe You Me. I was fucking furious. If I had seen Dan Bilzerian… because I had found out right after I left (backstage). If I had seen him then, I would have fucking torn his head off. I was so angry.

– They come and want to sit down and watch the fights, but they are fucking intoxicated, Smith continued. Drunk. So they tell  my family that they are sitting in their seats. My mom does not know who Dan Bilzerian or Donald Cerrone are. She only knows that these are her seats and that she will soon see her son compete for a world title.

The influencer Bilzerian was the one who really annoyed the light-heavyweight Smith, with his disgusting behavior during the event. Among other things, he had watched porn while sitting next to Smith’s mother.

– Dan ends up next to my mother seat eventually and then during the fight he watches porn on his mobile. During the fight, he sits there and watches porn. And my mother is very uncomfortable. She is a quiet lady, very shy.

Once the main event was over, “Bones” Jones managed to overwhelm Smith and eventually defeated him via a dominant decision. It probably did not make the situation better for “Lionheart” family.


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