Tenshin Nasukawa Says He ‘Feels Like Kicking’ Floyd Mayweather Jr

We're 11 days away until Tenshin Nasukawa and Floyd Mayweather Jr go toe-to-toe on New Years Eve.

The exhibition boxing match between Tenshin Nasukawa and Floyd Mayweather is getting ever closer and the Japanese kickboxer apparently hasn’t appreciated what the undefeated American has been saying.

Nasukawa and Mayweather are scheduled to do three, three-minute rounds of boxing with the Japanese fighter limited to just using his hands. However, speaking to the Associated Press this week, Nasukawa admitted that he’d love nothing more than to give Mayweather a kick and that he was disappointed by the American’s presence in the pre-fight media work they’d taken part in.

“I sensed no aura about him,” Nasukawa told AP. “He says such provocative stuff I feel like kicking him.”

Despite not legally being allowed to kick during the fight on Dec. 31, Nasukawa still believes that he will have more than enough about him to make it a good contest. Whilst not heading into the fight overly confident, the Japanese fighter believes that come fight night he will be ready for what is in front of him.

“He is the best so I can’t let my guard down. I’m sure his punches are fast but I’m sure I can see them.

“I feel excited, although some days I still feel afraid,” Nasukawa added. “But when the day comes, I want to fight with confidence.”

Whilst the rules are known, no one is quite so certain what a boxing ‘exhibition’ bout truly is? Will Mayweather and Nasukawa go for broke during their three-round contest? Or will both men just take part in a glorified sparring session? These are questions that won’t be answered until Dec. 31 but the Japanese fighter knows it’s a big opportunity to create a big impression on a big platform.

“I can change the world with my fist,” Nasukawa said.

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