Strickland Speaks Out: UFC’s Brutal Reality

"Strickland on UFC: It's about the money."

A Match Confirmed for UFC 302

Former UFC champion Sean Strickland has finally shed light on his initial hesitation to accept a fight against Paulo Costa. Costa claimed to have challenged the ex-champion, who seemingly declined the offer, sparking a flurry of speculation. However, Strickland quickly took to social media to express his views, indicating that financial considerations were at the heart of the matter.

Negotiating Beyond the Octagon

Strickland has now verbally agreed to face Paulo Costa at UFC 302 on June 1st, a fact he revealed on social media following a pivotal meeting with UFC officials. This encounter led to a new bout being arranged, showcasing Strickland’s stance on fight negotiations. He’s been vocal about never turning down a fight but is keen on knowing the financial offer upfront.

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Financial Disclosures and Fan Interactions

Amidst fan curiosity, Strickland hinted at the contractual terms offered by UFC for the Costa fight. While he didn’t disclose specific figures, he engaged with his followers’ guesses, revealing that the actual offer was close to, but less than, a fan’s estimate of a $200,000 show-up fee plus a win bonus and additional compensations.

Strickland’s Candid Take on Fighter Pay

Strickland’s broader comments on UFC and the issue of fighter pay were stark and unfiltered. Comparing UFC to major sports leagues like the NFL and NBA, he highlighted the harsh realities and widening pay gaps within professional sports. His critique extended to corporate America’s impact on societal structures, questioning the feasibility of achieving the American Dream in the current economic landscape.


“I had a meeting with UFC and told them I don’t want to be rich, I just want to be able to support a family after my career is over. They were actually quite supportive and made it happen. Thanks to my fans! Okay, (Paulo Costa), you got your wish… Let’s bleed a little.” – Sean Strickland

“So here’s the thing. UFC isn’t NFL or NBA, it’s brutal here. You don’t leave this sport happy or well. If I fought Jake Paul, I would 1. Kill him but 2. Make millions. This is something you guys experience in your jobs. The pay gap is just getting bigger and bigger.” – Sean Strickland

“The companies just take and take. The gap is getting wider. It’s not a UFC thing, it’s an American thing.” – Sean Strickland

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