Sage Northcutt Ekes Out Razor Close Decision Over Thibault Gouti

Sage Northcutt picked up his second win in a row albeit in a very close decision over Thibault Gouti on Sunday night in Austin

Sage Northcutt earned his second win in a row on Sunday night in a razor close decision over Thibault Gouti to kick off the UFC Fight Night card from Austin.

While Northcutt earned the decision, the scorecards were questionable after it appeared Gouti did more damage in the first round rounds before reverting to a confusing game plan several times in the fight.

Gouti eanred a flash knockdown and rocked Northcutt with several hard punches through the first two rounds, opening a cut over the Texas native’s right eye during those exchanges. Gouti even locked up a brief guillotine choke while backing Northcutt up against the cage but eventually let it go.

For his part, Northcutt had a more active offensive game while landing quick combinations but didn’t seem to hurt his opponent nearly as much. Still, Northcutt’s activity obviously played a big part in the final decision as he out struck Gouti throughout all three rounds, although never did quite as much damage as what he suffered through early in the fight.

Gouti also can blame himself as he kept reverting to takedowns throughout the fight but didn’t do much on the ground outside of maintain control without landing hardly any punches whatsoever.

When it was over, the judges scored the fight 29-28 all in favor of Northcutt, who moves his record to 10-2 overall and 5-2 in the UFC.

“I know some people could say it was close but it’s who gets the most damage,” Northcutt said after the win. “I know his eye was busted out there and his side of his head was getting swollen. He was definitely getting hit and took a lot of strikes. I want to talk to my coaches and get back out there really quick to correct any mistakes I made out there tonight.”

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