Reporter questions vegan Nate Diaz “badass” status – the response is priceless

A reporter at the press conference ahead of UFC 244 got more than he bargained for when he questioned Nate Diaz for being vegan

The press conference for UFC 244 went down last night, and with the much anticipated bout between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, the event delivered pure media gold. The bout will see the first fight for the newly minted UFC BMF (Bad Motherfucker) title. It was implemented following Diaz now famous post fight interview at UFC 241.

Diaz has long been seen as one of the most authentic fighters in the business. He is a beloved fan favourite for his rough but real style and he always speaks his mind. With his personality and in-cage abilities to back up his “badass” status, he is a clear fit to fight for the BMF title.


Despite this, a reporter in attendance decided to question Diaz badass status – on account of the UFC vet being vegan.

“Nate, you call yourself a badass motherfucker,” the reporter said. “How do you say that, when you’re a vegan?”

Diaz, who has been on a plant-based diet since his teens, laughed before replying: “I’m harder than anybody here, wassup? Step your game up dog.”

Later on during the press conference, Diaz added: “the terminator’s a vegan, motherfucker”, pointing at the reporter who asked the baffling question. Diaz was referring to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also vegan.

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