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Ranking the top 5 Georges St-Pierre fights of all time!

What are the top 5 best fights of Georges St-Pierre has been in? Check out our list on MMAnytt and comment your own! 

Any true MMA fan would be hard pressed to deny that Georges St-Pierre is one of the greatest fighters of all time. The Canadian former welterweight and middleweight champ has competed in the 22 UFC bouts, with a 20-2 record in the promotion. He reigned as undisputed welterweight champion between 2007-2013, before vacating his title for a hiatus from the sport of MMA. He then returned in 2017, challenging middleweight champion Michael Bisping, and winning the title via third round submission. St-Pierre was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame not long after.


To celebrate the legendary Canadian, we now list the top 5 best GSP fights! The list was based on overall entertainment, St-Pierre’s performance and the overall lasting impact of the fight.

Top 5 Georges St-Pierre fights!

Honourable mentions: UFC 100: St-Pierre vs Alves, UFC 52: St-Pierre vs Miller

5: UFC 167: St-Pierre vs Hendricks

If you think that Johny Hendricks did enough to defeat St-Pierre at UFC 167, that’s fine, you’re definitely not alone, but that’s not what this list is about. St-Pierre vs Hendricks was a great bout where the champion was forced to dig deep in the closely contested five round fight. While the bout will forever be marred by controversy, it was a competitive, exciting fight in which the momentum swung back and forth between both fighters.

4: UFC 158: St-Pierre vs Diaz

The build up to UFC 217 was good, great even. However, there is no St-Pierre fight that had as much fire and hype as his battle with rival and former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz at UFC 158. Diaz’ style of promotion and pre-fight talk was perfect for the stoic St-Pierre, and they counterbalanced each other like a yin yang of MMA. The conference call ahead of their fight is near legendary, and while the bout wasn’t “Fight of the Night”, the heat surrounding their rivalry and the championship battle is long-lasting.

3: UFC 217: Bisping vs St-Pierre

UFC 217 marked the much-anticipated return of “GSP”, after four years away from MMA. Once more St-Pierre faced adversity, getting cut open by previous champion Michael Bisping. The build up to the fight was fantastic, and Bisping’s antagonistic approach complemented St-Pierre’s clean-cut personality perfectly. The fight was an exciting one, too, featuring the first finish from GSP since 2009. Despite being sliced open, St-Pierre showed his championship talent, securing a rear naked choke that left the former champ unconscious.

2: UFC 94: St-Pierre vs Penn II

On the topic of rivalries, how could one possibly forget that which GSP and former two division champion BJ Penn had? The two had met once before at UFC 58 three years earlier, with St-Pierre pulling off a win via a close split decision. Penn had a chip on his shoulder heading into the rematch, even famously saying that he was going to try to kill his opponent.

The bout itself was a showcase fight for St-Pierre, who quelled any doubts that he was the superior fighter at welterweight. Using a fantastic blend of striking and grappling, GSP nullified his opponents strengths, and became the at the time only second fighter to ever finish Penn, via a TKO due to corner stoppage. This was one of the fights that solidified St-Pierre’s greatness, and cemented him as one of the best of all time.

1: UFC 154: St-Pierre vs Condit

It is hard to find a more exciting, action-packed St-Pierre fight than his UFC 154 title defence against interim champion Carlos Condit. Two fighters in their prime, at the peak of their careers, with a title unification on the line. The stakes were high, and Condit proved why he had earned his shot, dropping GSP with a high kick and nearly finishing the dominant champion.

However, St-Pierre showed was champions and all time greats are made of by recovering, turning the fight around and eventually winning via unanimous decision. GSP’s comeback in what was already an exciting fight, against a great opponent, was truly telling of how his work ethic and athletic ability made him the living legend he is today. UFC 154 has not, and probably will not, be beaten in terms of the greatest fights featuring Canadian great Georges St-Pierre.

What are your top 5 Georges St-Pierre fights?

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