Chael Sonnen: “We’re going to see Georges St-Pierre [in the UFC] in 2020”

Three time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen explains why he is sure we'll see "GSP" back in the UFC this year

This year may be a big year for comebacks. If we are to believe Chael Sonnen, then we will see Georges St-Pierre (“GSP”) return to the UFC in 2020.

“GSP” formally retired from MMA in February 2019, and it seemed as if that was final. The Canadian has had a storied career, is widely considered the greatest welterweight ever, and one of the pound-for-pound greatest of all time. With those credentials firmly in place, it would seem resonable to assume that St-Pierre is done with MMA. But can 2020 be the year that “GSP” returns to the UFC to once again challenge for the title?


“I don’t believe that for a second,” former UFC title challenger Sonnen said on his podcast, speaking of St-Pierre’s retirement. “In fact it’s the opposite. As we come to the new year I am very confident we’re going to see Georges St-Pierre in 2020. The only question is, where are we going to see him?”

Why should 2020 be the year that both Conor McGregor and GSP return to the UFC?

Sonnen has over the past year or so become a voice for many MMA fans across the globe. His reasoning is that he has predicted a number of fights based on how quiet the parties involved have gotten following talk of a fight. St-Pierre remains one of the biggest names in MMA, and there are countless options available should the former UFC champ choose to return.

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“There is something about how he all of the sudden went a little bit quiet at the same time that Conor [McGregor] came back, at the same time that [Jorge] Masvidal’s now the biggest star in the sport, at the exact same time that [Kamaru] Usman is looking for an opponent, and the true No. 1 contender, who is Colby Covington, happens to have a broken jaw right now, and you’ve got a 155-pound title that’s going to be contested in April between Tony and Khabib,” Sonnen concluded. “There just seems like a lot of spots where the great St-Pierre could fill in, and he happened to shut his mouth right as all those pieces are coming together.”

GSP returned to the UFC in 2017, following years of absence from the sport. In his comeback he moved up from welterweight to middleweight, taking on then champion Michael Bisping. St-Pierre won the title via submission, but would then go on to vacate the title to focus on his health.

Do you think we will see GSP return to the UFC 2020?

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