Rafael dos Anjos
Rafael dos Anjos

Rafael Dos Anjos Challenges McGregor: “Let’s Finish What We Started!”

“Conor Seeks Money, Not Titles” - A Rivalry Still Burning

Rafael dos Anjos has long had a complicated history with Conor McGregor, a rivalry that never saw a final resolution. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, dos Anjos reflected on their previously scheduled match and shared his thoughts on McGregor’s current focus and the possibility of them meeting in the future.

Injury-Interrupted Rivalry

The rivalry between dos Anjos and McGregor began in earnest in 2016 when they were scheduled to meet in a title bout. Dos Anjos, then the lightweight champion, was forced to withdraw due to a foot injury.

“I was in great shape,” said dos Anjos. “I was training with Lyoto Machida and felt ready. But the injury was too severe, I couldn’t even walk”.

McGregor’s New Focus

During the interview, dos Anjos also commented on McGregor’s current focus on money fights rather than chasing championship belts.

“At this point, Conor is looking for fights that make sense for him. I don’t think he’s after championships anymore,” dos Anjos noted.

He pointed out that McGregor is likely seeking matches that offer significant financial rewards rather than focusing on titles.


Potential Future Match

Despite their bout never taking place, dos Anjos believes there is still a possibility for them to meet.

“We have a history, and I would love to get the chance to fight Conor. It’s not just about money, although money is important, but about finishing what we started,” he said. “Now that we are both in welterweight, it could happen”.

Regrets and Lessons

Dos Anjos reflected on his decisions during that period.

“I could have waited for Conor after he lost to Diaz, but I chose to move forward and defend my belt. I don’t regret that decision, but it could have changed a lot,” he said.

Dos Anjos expressed his respect for McGregor’s career and achievements but pointed out that McGregor’s focus now seems to have shifted from championships to more financially lucrative fights.

“I joked about his pinky toe because he made fun of me when I pulled out of our fight,” dos Anjos added. “But honestly, he doesn’t need the money. He just wants to be 100% ready before stepping into the cage again”.

Sources: MMAnytt.se

Rafael dos Anjos’ views on Conor McGregor reflect a respect for his career and achievements, but also a sense of unfinished business. Despite the years and changing circumstances, there is still a spark that could lead to a future confrontation between these two MMA icons.

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