Mike Perry Suggests Jake Paul Might Be Using Steroids for Upcoming Fight

“He Looks a Bit Puffy”

Mike Perry Doubts the Naturalness of Jake Paul’s New Physique

Mike Perry is set to box against Jake Paul on July 20, and he will face a significantly bulkier opponent than anyone has seen before. Paul, now weighing 104 kg (229 lbs), gained this weight in preparation for a heavyweight fight against Mike Tyson, which was postponed to November. Consequently, Perry will contend with Paul’s augmented muscle mass in their eight-round cruiserweight bout.

Perry’s Skepticism Over Paul’s Rapid Weight Gain

Paul’s weight gain is quite recent, and it has sparked considerable attention on social media, with some fans even failing to recognize the YouTube-boxer-turned-fighter. During an interview with FightHub TV, Perry was asked about Paul’s new physique and whether he suspected steroid use. Perry responded:

“When I sparred with him a couple of years ago, I weighed 180 lbs and he was about 195 to 205 lbs. I think he was preparing for Ben Askren then, and I don’t believe he was cutting weight. So to put on 25 lbs, I don’t know how anyone does that without shortcuts”



No Steroid Tests Conducted Yet

Perry has not undergone any steroid testing yet, which likely means Paul hasn’t either. Nonetheless, Perry remains unfazed, believing tests will happen closer to the fight date. He mentioned:

“I haven’t been tested yet. I assume the Florida commission will test all of us during fight week or maybe test me a few times. Maybe after weigh-ins or something, I’m sure they’ll have a test on fight night when I step in to fight”

Despite Perry’s allegations, he appears confident and ready to face Paul, suggesting that his main concern lies more in his mindset and preparation rather than his opponent’s potential steroid use. This stance adds another layer of intrigue to their upcoming fight, as fans speculate about the impact of Paul’s new physique on the bout’s outcome.

Fight Card

• Main Event: Jake Paul vs. Mike Perry; Cruiserweight
• Amanda Serrano vs. Stevie Morgan; Women’s Super Lightweight
• H20 Sylve vs. Lucas Bahdi; Lightweight
• Tony Aguilar vs. Corey Marksman; Lightweight
• Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Uriah Hall; Cruiserweight
• Shadasia Green vs. Natasha Spence; Women’s Super Middleweight
• Julio Solis vs. TBA; Lightweight
• Alexis Chaparro vs. Kevin Hill; Middleweight
• Angel Barrientes vs. Edwin Rodriguez; Super Bantamweight

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