Amir Malekpour
Amir Malekpour

Cage Warriors 174: London – Swedish Title Fight with Amir Malekpour

✔ Former Opponents Lööf and Malekpour Compete ✔ Title Match and Prizefighter Tournament!

On July 20, 2024, Cage Warriors 174 will take place at the iconic Indigo at The O2 in London. This highly anticipated event promises an evening filled with thrilling MMA action, headlined by a $50,000 PrizeFighter tournament and a significant interim flyweight title fight featuring Swedish talent.

Nicolas Leblond vs. Amir Malekpour: Interim Flyweight Title Fight

The main event of the evening is an interim flyweight title bout where French contender Nicolas Leblond (10-4) faces Swedish fighter Amir Malekpour. Leblond, known for his knockout power and versatile grappling skills, is on a four-fight winning streak, including impressive knockout victories over Michelangelo Lupoli and Scott Malone.

Amir Malekpour, with his well-rounded and tough fighting style, is poised to make a significant impact on the international scene. This bout is expected to be an intense showdown that will determine who is the top flyweight in Europe.

Catchweight Fight: Aidan Stephen vs. Alexander Lööf

Adding to the excitement, Scottish fighter Aidan Stephen (10-4) will go up against Swedish striker Alexander Lööf (6-1) in a 159lbs catchweight bout. Stephen, who recently showcased his endurance and technical prowess at CW 171, is back in top form after a hiatus. Lööf, a powerful striker and participant in one of Cage Warriors’ ‘Fight of the Year’ matches in 2023, is making his bantamweight debut. Both fighters are eager to secure a victory and make their mark in the bantamweight division.

$50,000 PrizeFighter Tournament

The event also features the eagerly awaited $50,000 PrizeFighter tournament. This one-day tournament will see top bantamweights like Michele Martignoni, Shirzad Qadrian, Alessandro Giordano, and Weslley Maia compete for the grand prize. The tournament promises intense and unpredictable action, with additional bonuses for fighters who accurately predict their victory round and method.


Additional Highlights

Cage Warriors 174 boasts a strong fight card with several exciting matchups. James Webb will face Yannick Bahati in a light heavyweight bout, adding more excitement to the evening’s lineup. The event will also feature prominent talents and experienced veterans across various weight classes, ensuring an unforgettable night for MMA fans.

Event Details

Cage Warriors 174 will be held at Indigo at The O2 in London on July 20, 2024. Tickets are available through the Cage Warriors website, and the event will be broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass. With a combination of high-stakes title matches and the PrizeFighter tournament, CW 174 is set to be one of the most exciting events of the year.

Cage Warriors 174 Fight Card

The event airs live on UFC Fight Pass at 8:00 PM BST.

Final (Prizefighter Tournament): TBD vs. TBD
Semi-Final 1 (Prizefighter Tournament): Shirzad Qadrian vs. Weslley Maia
Semi-Final 2 (Prizefighter Tournament): Aidan Stephen vs. Alexander Lööf
Reserve Match (Prizefighter Tournament): Alessandro Giordano vs. Michele Martignoni
Flyweight (Interim Title Match): Amir Malekpour vs. Nicolas Leblond
Catchweight (159 lbs): Jordan Vucenic vs. Adrian Kepa
Flyweight: Jawany Scott vs. Ger Harris
Bantamweight: Jimmy Quinn vs. Imad Bouamri
Featherweight: Thomas Paull vs. Milad Ahady
Welterweight: Jamie Richardson vs. Rafael Aronov
Strawweight: Rhi-Rhi Hudson vs. Jennifer Trioreau
Featherweight: Nik Badgley vs. Ryan Shelley
Featherweight: Luca Borando vs. Matthew Elliott
Lightweight: Jordan Little vs. Daniel Crooks-May
Bantamweight: Tommy Brunning vs. Gheorghe Grozav
Light Heavyweight: Jack Driscoll vs. Francesco Mazzeo
Welterweight: Mush Aslani vs. Giacomo Michelis
Flyweight: Eimear Darcy vs. Camilla Bergström

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