Peter Queally Defeated In Close Majority Decision Loss At FNG 80

Peter Queally was involved in a close majority decision loss at FNG 80 in Kazakhstan

SBG Ireland’s Peter Queally was involved in a close majority decision loss at Fight Nights Global 80 in Kazakhstan

Khamitov walked into the bout off the back of a close majority decision loss for the FNG title against Magomedsaygid Alibekov. A win for the Kazakhstani would’ve propelled him straight back into the title mix and with his home crowd behind him this evening, all the right ingredients were in place for him to do exactly that.

Peter Queally and Kuat Khamitov at the FNG 80 weigh-ins yesterday

Queally, however, had different ideas and he had his own point to prove having also dropped a majority decision loss to Islam Begidov back in August.

The Irishman walked out into the Almaty Arena to a polite reception, but the cheers were saved for the hometown man Khamitov who was greeted like a hero as he made his way from the back dressed in full samurai warrior gear.

Round 1

After the introductions were done, the fight began and Khamitov almost immediately dove in for a takedown. Queally his did to keep himself off his back against the fence, but Khamitov persisted and for over four minutes they wrestled against fence in a stalemate until they were brought to their feet.

Queally then attempted to set up an uppercut rushing in, but Khamitov ducked under it and slammed him to the mat. As the Irishman looked to rise to his feet Khamitov looked to sneak on his back, but he broke away before the round ended.

Round 2

The round began with Khamitov again desperately diving in for another takedown after Queally missed a head kick. This time, Queally easily got out the way. Neither fighter looked to have found the right range and Queally was looking slightly tentative to close it given the obvious threat of the takedown. The Irishman looked to land a one-two to push Khamitov back, but the Kazakhstani responded with yet another double leg that briefly had Queally defending his back against the cage yet again.

Khamitov then focused on securing a single leg, but Queally defended it for over a minute before Khamitov completed it again against the cage. It was proving to be a frustrating time with very little action as Khamitov desperately tried and failed to take advantage of the takedown. The referee stood them up for the second time in the fight and they looked too exchange until Khamitov dove in again for another single leg. Queally then proceeded to defend it yet against the cage as the second round ended.

Round 3

Queally did his best to get the crowd enthused for the start of round three, but even they seemed to be getting a little weary of their man’s persistent takedown attempts. The Irishman did his best to make it a little more interesting in the third as he pushed forward looking to land a variety of kicks and jabs to push Khamitov back. Queally got caught with a right hand as he pushed forward, but the flash knockdown looked more of a push off balance.

Khamitov then landed another right hand as Queally pushed, but still the Irishman persisted. Another uppercut attempt sent the Kazakhstani looking for another takedown that Queally this time easily avoided. The remaining 90-seconds of the round Queally loading up on kicks to the calves and jabs, while Khamitov swung away with counter right hands looking to land big. A kick from Queally ended the proceedings.

Round 4

The championship rounds began with Khamitov again desperately looking to secure a takedown. Again, Queally avoided it and went back to working behind his jab and his low calf kicks. The crowd at this point were whistling the action as the pattern of the fight was fast becoming obvious to everyone. Queally persisted chewing up Khamitov left leg, but before long he was yet again diving in for another single leg that the Irishman was forced to defend on his knees.

Queally eventually escaped to his feet and he went straight back to work with his kicks, but yet again Khamitov looked to take him down and grind him against the fence. This time Queally escaped in seconds and back it went to the stand up exchanges. Khamitov half landed a big left, but Queally waved him on. This only invited the takedown though and Khamitov didn’t need a second invite. Queally half stuffed it and ended the round on his feet with Khamitov on his back.

Round 5

Queally started the final round working the leg kicks as Khamitov changed stances every time one thudded into his calf. The Kazakhstani yet again dove in for a takedown which Queally again defended on his knees raining down strikes. This continued for well over two minutes as the crowd whistled and booed their own man. Eventually, the two made their way back to the feet Queally pushed forward again landing more kicks. A kick to midsection invited Khamitov for another takedown, but the Irishman this time easily shrugged him off.

Khamitov then stepped in wining in big shots, but Queally for the most part ducked them and again went back to working the leg kicks. With 60-seconds left Queally stuffed another takedown. 20-seconds later Khamitov worked the takedown yet again, and again, Queally stuffed it and rose to his feet. Rinse repeat. The fight ended with both men with their arms raised.


The fight went to the judges who were left to see if they could score takedowns correctly. Khamitov did no damage with the takedowns and rarely looked like he was in control of Queally at any point. Arguably, the Irishman did more damage in his defensive positions than Khamitov did looking to secure the Irishman on his back.

The exchanges on the feet were even. Khamitov landed some nice counters, but Queally did a lot of damage with the kicks to the calf.

After a long pause the decision was read. Khamitov was declared the winner via 49-47, 47-47, 49-48 majority decision. Understandably, Queally looked highly disappointed by the call.

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