Paddy Pimblett And Molly McCann Put Bullies Of Liverpool On Notice

Bullies of Liverpool better watch out, Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann are on to you.

Bullies of Liverpool beware, if you continue your nasty ways you could have to answer to two of Liverpool finest MMA talents, Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann.

On Tuesday, the heart-breaking story of 8-year-old Millie O’Neill was reported in the Liverpool Echo newspaper (see HERE). Millie’s mother, Naomi, explained to the Echo how her daughter had been subjected to both physical and mental bullying at school to the point of telling her that she just wanted to die.

Pimblett saw the story on Tuesday and immediately took to social media in support and asked if anyone in his following could help him get in touch with the family.

Seemingly, Pimblett got his wish yesterday and Millie visited the Next Generation Liverpool gym to meet both Pimblett and fellow Cage Warrior’s women’s flyweight title contender, Molly McCann.

After showing Millie a “few combos” and converting her to a Liverpool FC supporter (much to McCann’s displeasure), Pimblett posted a photo on Instagram with Millie, her mother and McCann holding up a Millie #1 Liverpool shirt.

The photo featured the following caption warning the bullies of Liverpool that he and McCann are on a crusade to wipe out bullying in the city.

“Little Millie came in today to meet the team, what a brave Lil girl! We turned her into a red despite Molly’s frustration. Anyone tries to bully her now she’s got a few combos up her sleeve and you’ve got me and Meatball Molly to answer to, so I’m daring someone to say a word to her ever again.

“Bullies are done in this city. The Next Generation Liverpool team are putting a stop to it altogether.”

Credit where credit is due, that’s class.

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