Dana White Expects UFC to Reach Deal in Russia Very Soon

Dana White says there are UFC officials hammering out a deal to take the promotion to Russia right now

The UFC expects to go to Russia in the very near future.

With rumors swirling that an event is already planned there later this year, UFC president Dana White confirmed on Wednesday that representatives from the company are meeting with Russian officials this week in London to hammer out a deal to bring the promotion there very soon.

White has long targeted Russia as a prime spot to promote a UFC event and now the likelihood that it happens seems better than ever.

“My whole team is over in London right now working on a Russia deal. They will come home with a deal in Russia,” White confirmed when speaking to “UFC Tonight”.

Russia is one of the last major markets where the UFC has never done a show internationally and could be a very profitable landing spot considering the laundry list of top fighters who hail from the area and are currently competing inside the Octagon.

At the top of the list is lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov, who has an insanely loyal fan base in his home country of Russia. White has even said in the past that lightweight champion Conor McGregor has expressed interest in traveling to Russia for a fight against Nurmagomedov.

White also confirmed that the UFC is working on finally promoting in a show in Hawaii as well.

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has been pounding the drum for months to try and get the promotion to put on a card in his home state and White seems to believe that will happen soon as well.

According to White, it’s just a race against time to see whether the UFC goes to Russia or Hawaii first.

“Well, we’re going to both. The question is which one first,” White said. “Which one will we fight in first? That remains to be seen. But obviously everybody’s on board to go work UFC Hawaii.”

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