Paddy Pimblett Explains: Why He Doesn’t Want to Be an Active Fighter!

✔ "Give me a reason"

Paddy Pimblett does not intend to be a more active fighter, at least not with the salary situation as it looks today.

“The Baddy” Pimblett has managed to attract a lot of attention since his UFC debut last year. The former Cage Warriors champion has now lined up two straight wins in the octagon, both via finish. First came when he knockout Luigi Vendramini in September last year, followed by an impressive submission victory against Rodrigo Vargas at UFC London in March.

The unranked lightweight has become one of the bigger names in the sport, not least thanks to his unique personality and exciting fighting style.

Despite his popularity, the fighter has stated that he only gets $ 12,000 in show money and $ 12,000 in winning bonus with his current UFC contract. However, Pimblett has also earned bonuses in both fights,  $ 50,000 each.

Including the expenses, his UFC purse results in a much lower amount than the British shooting star expects, especially compared to what he earns elsewhere.

Outside the octagon, Pimblett has managed to arrange a massive seven-figure deal, to say the least, with Barstool Sports back in 2021 for. The fighter therefore does not worry too much about how often he competes per year in the UFC.

“I make more money outside the octagon,” Pimblett revealed during a recent appearance on the Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub. “And it makes me laugh when people are commenting on my stuff and things saying, ‘He’s not active enough. He doesn’t fight enough. He only; he should be fighting four times a year.’ Why? Why should I fight four times a year? Give me a reason when I’m earning more outside the cage than I am in it.”



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