✔ Additional pressure on Spotify ✔ "They may have Rogan or Young. Not both"

Well-known music artist Neil Young does not want to be on the same platform as UFC commentator Joe Rogan and is now urging Spotify to get rid of one of them. The man behind the hit song “Rockin’ in the Free World” slams Spotify for airing Joe Rogan’s podcast!

In an open letter to his manager and record label Warner, Young demands that his music be removed from the streaming platform. The message was first published on Young’s website but was quickly removed.

The reason Young wants to leave Spotify is Rogan’s controversial podcast “Joe Rogan Experience”. Rogan signed an exclusive contract with Spotify and has been on their platform since the beginning of 2021.

– I do this because Spotify spreads false information about vaccines, which can cause deaths for those who believe that the disinformation is spread by them, Young wrote. Please act immediately and keep me informed of the schedule.

– I want you to let Spotify know that I immediately TODAY want all my music away from their platform. They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both.

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Joe Rogan: UFC Commentator & King of Podcasts

Rogan has created a lot of debates throughout the years, and recently due to his statements about the pandemic and his Covid recovery got the attention of the main stream news media.

Approx. two weeks ago, a group of 270 “doctors and researchers” wrote an open letter urging Spotify to address Rogan. Among other things, he was accused of spreading “false and socially harmful allegations” in the open letter.

Much of the criticism came in connection with the podcast guest Dr. Robert Malone (section # 1757). Malone is an American virologist and immunologist whose work is linked to mRNA (messenger RNA).

Since the pandemic, Malone has been both criticized and praised for statements affecting his areas of expertise, including vaccines and mRNA technology.

Although Rogan has received a lot of criticism, he has also been praised for his podcast, which is the largest in the world with an average audience of eleven million listeners per episode.

Rogan has, among other things, been supported by UFC chief Dana White, who used the UFC commentator’s recovery cure after he and his family fell ill with covid.

And Spotify responded – see video below!

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