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There are many fighters who are forced to have a day job in the early stages of their UFC careers to make the ends meet, but few have the same experience as the straw weight UFC fighter Vanessa Demopoulos.


In her fight against Silvana Gomez Juarez at UFC 270, she was quickly dropped to the canvas, but managed to survive and deliver a fantastic comeback via submission (armbar).


Demopoulos thanked her long experience as a stripper for the sharp jiu-jitsu moves she showed at the fight!

“That’s my stripper guard,” Demopoulos said at the UFC 270 post-press conference. I do not think it’s a secret that I was an exotic dancer for 13 years and I have not said this on the mic, but I say it now: I stepped away from stripping to continue with this training camp. I stopped dancing about six to eight weeks back to focus on MMA and take this incredibly seriously in the gym, every day.

– But yes, that’s where that background comes from and that’s where my split comes from. And a lot of my jiu-jitsu actually comes from my stripping expertise!

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Demopoulos is also the author of The Stripper Bible. Her career as a stripper is not something she is afraid to discuss. In an earlier interview, she explained that she received incredible support from the family, because her mother was an exotic dancer as well.

– I just followed in the family’s footsteps there, she explained to Cageside press 2020. My father was a DJ and my mother was a (dancer) and that’s how they met. When I became a (dancer) my father taught me how to (make money) and how to become a professional in the industry. So it was good to have that kind of support.

Her fantastic energy led to strong positive reactions from both UFC fans and commentator Joe Rogan. In the post-match interview, she jumped into Rogan’s arms!

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