Mike Tyson Acknowledges Francis Ngannou’s Puncher’s Chance Against Tyson Fury

Tyson Predicts Upset Potential for Ngannou in Boxing Clash with Fury

Mike Tyson acknowledges that a victory by Francis Ngannou over Tyson Fury in their upcoming boxing match would rank among the sport’s greatest upsets. However, Tyson is quick to emphasize Ngannou’s puncher’s chance, citing his immense power and the fact that Fury has previously been dropped by a smaller opponent early in his career.

Speaking on The Jim Rowe Show, Tyson stated,

“[Francis] punches like God knows who, man. He’s an athlete, he moves quicker, works with his speed, and listen man, he only has to land one or two… Tyson’s never been in the ring with somebody that can punch this hard.”

Tyson has been assisting Ngannou in preparation for the highly anticipated boxing clash. Beyond Ngannou’s power, Tyson admires his determination, eagerness to learn, and unwavering drive to succeed. Tyson recounted Ngannou’s request for aggressive training and his commitment to the endeavor for the sake of his country and people.

Reflecting on his own boxing history, Tyson noted his stunning upset loss to Buster Douglas in 1990, regarded as one of the sport’s most shocking moments. He acknowledged the parallel but deemed a potential Ngannou victory over Fury an even greater upset, stating,

“That would be a bigger upset than Douglas-Tyson.”

As Ngannou readies himself to face Fury in October, the combat sports world watches in anticipation, with Tyson’s insights adding to the excitement surrounding the bout.

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